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Scality is a New Economy software company founded in 2009 in San Francisco, USA, which offers software-based storage solutions, so-called software-defined object storage. 


Scality RING

Scality's flagship product is RING, a scale-out object storage software platform. RING is built on a highly scalable foundation and provides Amazon S3 compatible object storage together with POSIX compatible NFS and SMB in a single system with extremely high data security. This solution is used by larger companies as well as corporations for highly secure storage of large amounts of data, for example the video streaming platform Dailymotion.

Scality Artesca

New to the market, Artesca is an intuitive software solution that redefines object storage for the cloud-native era. It can be deployed in Edge environments with the smallest startup configurations, but can also easily scale to 100s of PBs in the data center and offers an enterprise-class S3 interface.

The ARTESCA solution offers easy entry from a single server node and allows building productive object storage solutions for remote, field or edge deployment. Even a single-node solution is fully functional and erasure-coded, so you can scale seamlessly and without disruption. And with Scality's built-in federated data management tools, you can easily copy, move, archive, or expire data from a Scality object storage system to any number of clouds or S3 storage targets. Plus easy keyword searching in custom metadata.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise offers both of these solutions on a variety of industry-standard server platforms, including HPE Apollo 4000 storage systems optimized specifically for storage-centric workloads, and select HPE ProLiant DL servers for additional capacity as well as all-NVMe options.

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