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HPE Storage Product Portfolio

- High performance and secure

In times of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and continuous cyber attacks, storage solutions must be high-performance, reliable and, above all, secure. That's why we rely on the product portfolio from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. This includes storage solutions that meet a wide range of challenges. 

Do you have questions about our storage portfolio? We will be happy to advise you and present storage solutions that fit your business requirements.

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HPE MSA 1060/206x

the entry-level storage solution

For small storage requirements, the MSA Storage System, which has been in use for many years, is suitable with the products MSA1060/2060/2062

As an entry-level model, the MSA1060 system is equipped with one storage controller. The two MSA2060/2062 storage systems offer increased reliability with two storage controllers and ensure very high availability and performance. The system can be connected via SAS, iSCSI or Fiber Channel either directly or via switches. For operation, HDDs and SSDs are available in many design variants. Best of all, the storage system uses automatic tiering to locate the "hot" data.


HPE Alletra 5000/HPE Alletra 6000

for General Purpose and Mission Critical Workloads

The two storage systems Alletra 5000 and Alletra 6000 were launched as successor models of the well-known Nimble storage systems.
The Alletra 5000 storage system is a hybrid system that stores the effective data on HDD disks and uses the SSD disks as a cache to improve performance enormously. This guarantees very high performance at attractive prices.
HPE Alletra 5000
The HPE Alletra 6000 storage system is an all-NVMe storage system that meets very high performance requirements and even ensures an availability of 99.9999%.
HPE Alletra 6000

The host connection can be made via Fiber Channel or iSCSI. These storage systems can be operated in a cluster and with peer persistence (synchronous mirroring). The special feature: Peer Persistence ensures a 100% copy of all data on the second storage system.

With InfoSight, HPE provides a monitoring product that is unparalleled on the market. The system accesses system information and performance data. In this way, it is constantly monitored and analyzed so that errors and problems can be found and dealt with at an early stage. The very high level of integration ensures that 86% of problems are detected before you even know there is a problem. 

These systems can be administered both locally and with the Data Service Cloud Console.

HPE Primera Storage

for business-critical applications

The intelligent data storage as an all-flash solution with a 100% availability guarantee to meet the highest performance and availability requirements.

This storage system can ensure consistent data retention across two sites in a clustered array with synchronous data mirroring (peer persistence/active peer persistence).

HPE InfoSight, the industry's most advanced AI for infrastructure, is integrated with HPE Primera to optimize performance and workload placement in real time. In fact, HPE provides cloud-based machine learning to the entire global install base on an array to enable real-time optimizations.
HPE Primera

HPE Alletra Storage MP

Scale-out system for mission-critical applications

The HPE Alletra Storage MP system is HPE's latest storage product based on standard HPE ProLiant servers (AMD servers), providing both block and file services. The basis for the storage OS in the block storage area is a further development of the 3PAR/Primera/Alletra 9000 OS. HPE uses VAST Data software as the basis for the file services.

It is a scale-out system with very flexible expansion options. Additional disk units (JBOF for higher disk capacity) and additional compute nodes (higher performance) can be added to meet all requirements. NVMe disks are used, which are operated via an NVMe fabric. Dedicated 100Gbit Aruba switches are used to operate multiple systems in the NVMe fabric. The controller system will be available first with the local-mounted disks (up to a maximum of 24 disks). The expansion units (JBOF, controller, external NVMe fabric) will be delivered a little later.

HPE Alletra Storage MP

HPE Alletra 9000

for Mission Critical Workloads

With the HPE Alletra 9000 Storage System, HPE provides enterprise-class data storage in its portfolio that is suitable for mission-critical and latency-sensitive workloads. It is a massively parallel platform based on multiple nodes (two or 4 nodes). This solution is an all-NVMe storage system with an availability guarantee of 100%.

This product is managed via the HPE cloud-based Data Services Cloud Console. This includes a cloud-based management tool of the latest generation for the administration of all storage systems and also a very efficient management across the entire platform.

This storage system also uses peer persistence/active peer persistence to ensure that two identical copies of data are always available, so that a site failure does not lead to any data loss. Automatic failover can massively reduce downtime in the event of a complete site failure.

Host connectivity can be provided via Fiber Channel or iSCSI. The replication of the data takes place either via Fiber Channel or IP.

HPE Alletra 9000

Model with HPE Timeless Storage

Modern financial solutions for acquiring IT even make it possible to acquire tomorrow's technology today. With HPE Timeless Storage, HPE offers a model with all-inclusive licensing, non-disruptive controller upgrades, efficiency and uptime guarantees, flat-rate support pricing and flexible usage options.

Leuchter IT Infrastructure Solutions itself relies on HPE Nimble Storage and even a redundant HPE Primera Storage solution for our Leuchter Cloud.

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