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Leuchter IT Cyber Security Awareness


Risk Minimisation for Cyber crime through targeted Employees’ training


Leuchter IT Cyber Security Awareness Service supports companies in sustainably increasing their IT security resilience. The greatest risk of cyber crime is posed by your own employees, because, on the one hand, they often lack knowledge and, on the other hand, they are not aware of possible attacks through phishing, spam, or viruses, which can be infiltrated via various channels such as e-mail, social media, WhatsApp, or the like.

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What does Leuchter IT Cyber Security Awareness Service include?



1. Attack Simulation

By means of regular attack simulations tailored to the company needs, employees are exposed to fictitious phishing, spam or virus risks on various channels. Experience has shown that this significantly increases the employees’ sensitivity and resilience.


2. Analysis

The attack simulation is evaluated in detail and presented in a clear report. The user training is compiled based on the knowledge gained.

Basic Campaign:

  • Detection of fake senders
  • Detection of defective e-mail attachments
  • Detection of attacks to obtain personal data / passwords / company’s internal matters
  • Detection of redirects to fake websites

Custom Campaign:

  • Detection of targeted phishing attacks (software used in the company, sender in your own company)
  • Detection of fake business websites


3. Training Campaign

In the subsequent training campaign, employees independently amplify their knowledge online with the help of training videos, quick tips, and a quiz. At the end, the acquired knowledge is checked in a multiple-choice test. The company always has full transparency about the course of the training. Many different modules are available.


4. Further Development

True to the motto “once is never”, both the attack simulation and the training should be repeated several times a year. The repetitions are adapted to the findings of the previous attack simulations, the training courses carried out, and take account of any new attack patterns.


Comprehensive Reporting facilitates the search for weak points

For implementation and performance, a Security Awareness Software is used (licence costs and support are included in the price), which is fully configured by the specialists of Leuchter IT Solutions. The customer gets read access to all data generated in the campaign. Each employee is given an individual login to be able to view their own test results and the training documents over the period of the campaign.


Costs per Campaign and Scope

  • Basic Module

    from CHF 2'500

    per year

    • Technical setup
    • Import of user data
    • Licence costs
    • Domain registration
    • Hosting
    • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Campaign Module

    CHF 900

    per campaign

    • Choice of 10 templates for attack simulations of cyber attacks
    • Adaption of the selected templates to the needs and specifications of the company (senders, contents, tools share point, OneDrive, Facebook, LinkedIn, browser history, Office 365 Quarantine, contest, ect. 
    • Standard reporting for admin and user
    • Standard awareness training based on a template
  • Custom Modul


    at cost

    • Concept creation for individual campaign according to individual need
    • Creation and implementation of the individual campaign in the cyber attack training and learning software
    • On request: reporting & awareness training based on the individual campaign

Obtain Regularity using the Security Awareness Cycle

The success of the Security Awareness program depends on how well in future the employees will follow and apply the instructions they got in the training courses. Phishing, spam, and viruses are recurring problems, and their effectiveness is steadily increasing. Attacks are becoming more and more targeted and more difficult to detect. We therefore recommend companies to perform attack simulations and training courses on a regular basis.


Increasing Awareness for your Company with tailored Solutions

  • Sending fictitious phishing, spam, or virus messages (proceeding and information)
  • Evaluations defined by department / employee (proceeding and information)
  • Training / proceeding

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