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SEPPmail for Secure Email Communication

The Swiss-based, internationally operating, owner-managed company SEPPmail is a producer of “Secure Messaging”. Their patented, repeatedly award-winning technology for spontaneous secure email communication encrypts electronic messages and optionally provides them with a digital signature. The Secure Email solutions are available worldwide and make a sustainable contribution to secure communication via electronic mail. With this, SEPPmail maximises the communication security of hundreds of thousands of users. The company has more than 12 years of experience in sending secure digital messages. When developing their email security technology, SEPPmail pays special attention to user-friendliness and reduces complexity to an absolute minimum. Small, medium and large companies can apply the solutions quickly, easily and without additional training. The Swiss Secure E-Mail Gateway of SEPPmail has received several awards in recent years, making it the leading solution for secure email communication.

Advantages for Leuchter customers thanks to the partner status at SEPPmail

Access to broad experience in operating SEPPmail-based cloud solutions

Attractive pricing

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GINA - for spontaneous communication (as a certificate for those who can not encrypt)

Current encryption standards use certificates or key pairs for encryption, expecting both the sender and the recipient to have their own such certificate or key pair. Without one of them no communication is possible. To allow "spontaneous communication", SEPPmail offers the patented GINA technology. During sending, SEPPmail detects if the recipient has a certificate. If this is not the case, SEPPmail encrypts the mail and transfers it to a secure web frontend of the recipient, which can access it from any terminal without having it prepared for encrypted communication.

Certificate Management

Certificate Management

The management of the own user certificates represents a high administrative effort on procurement and requires experienced end users. Those must be able to manage their own certificates on each of their devices as well as using the respective certificates of their communication partners in the mail traffic. SEPPmail reduces this complexity by ordering all certificates directly via SEPPmail from a well-known, accredited certification authority (e.g. SwissSign or QuoVadis), (one-click enrolment), and by implementing them for the user. The recipients' certificates are automatically read by SEPPmail out of the mail communication, thus always having ready the right certificate for each recipient.

Large File Management

Large File Management

Often it is not possible to send larger amounts of data by email. Although different size restrictions apply to each communication partner, the rule is that the problems of sending attachments >10MB are increasing. To transfer larger amounts of data, such as CAD plans, comprehensive contracts or medical data, SEPPmail offers the LFM (Large File Management) function. Emails are not directly sent but provided for collection in encrypted form in the GINA frontend. This allows the recipient to receive them via a conventional web access as a download.


HIN Connector

With the HIN Connector SEPPmail offers an integral and automatic encryption to the largest Swiss healthcare network. More than 14’500 health professionals (almost 90% of all doctors' surgeries), hospitals, health insurance companies and other health care providers are connected via the Swiss healthcare extranet platform.

AV and Antispam in encrypted mails

AV and Antispam in encrypted mails

Thanks to the integrated ClamAV engine, viruses can even be detected and eliminated within encrypted messages.

Low administration effort and easy operation

Encrypting the emails at the moment of sending them ensures both confidentiality and the recipient. Thus, any company can easily ensure data protection regulations and compliance. When receiving the encrypted email, the recipient needs nothing more than his usual email programme such as Outlook, Lotus, etc. The SEPPmail method is characterised by short implementation times, low administration costs and simple operation for both the sender and the recipient.

  • Automatic encryption and decryption
  • Encryption standards: OpenPGP, S/MIME, SEPPmail and TLS
  • Sending and receiving emails in the usual email client, no plugin needed
  • The recipient does not need any software for decryption
  • High availability (Multimaster Cluster)
  • Fully automatic encryption between all SEPPmails
  • Adaptation to Security Policy through programmable rule engine
  • Optional encryption of internal emails
  • Connection to LDAP/ADS possible
  • Optional viruses, spam and phishing protection VSPP
  • Automatic company signature and disclaimer
  • Central user and key management
  • Clear mail logs and statistics functions
  • Low administration effort
  • No software installation needed

Leuchter as a Cloud Gold Partner of SEPPmail

Leuchter has been a Cloud Gold Partner of SEPPmail since 2015. We rely on SEPPmail because email delivery can be performed in a integral, reliably and confidential way. SEPPmail encapsulates the sophisticated technologies and procedures for encrypting and signing emails and offers users and administrators an easy and efficient encryption solution. SEPPmail knows all common standards for encrypting emails and optimally combines them. Elaborate single-user installations are a thing of the past. Centralised key management ensures that even after an employee’s leaving or when workstations fail, encrypted mails can still be accessed. The integrated virus and spam scanner even detects viruses in encrypted emails.


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