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Leuchter Group - Provider of IT Services since 1959

Leuchter IT Solutions Group is a technology company specialising in IT infrastructure solutions, IT services, business software and software development with about 70 employees working at the Lucerne site. Continuity, reliability and predictability have been among the group’s strengths since 1959. One of the owners of the Holding, Daniel Jäggli, and various members of the management and employees of the subsidiaries have been with the company for more than 20 years.

The subsidiaries shareholder

base consists of a pool of deserving employees, the managing directors of the subsidiaries as well as of Leuchter Holding. An advanced training programme forms the basis for the corporate values. The aim of this system is to optimise future-oriented IT technologies by means of motivation, commitment and competence.

In addition, the cooperation with renowned partners and the completion of numerous certifications at leading manufacturers ensures the innovation and quality level of Leuchter.

  • The Leuchter company structure

    Holding Leuchter IT Solutions AG

    Aktionäre: Daniel Jäggli, Erica Conconi
    Verwaltungsratspräsident: Daniel Jäggli

    • Leuchter IT Infrastructure Solutions AG

      Shareholders: René Jenni, Holding & Team
      CEO: René Jenni

    • Leuchter Software Engineering AG

      Shareholders: Markus Estermann, Angelo Conconi, Andreas Imboden, Holding
      CEO: Markus Estermann

    • Leuchter Business Software Solutions AG

      Shareholders : Reto Hofstetter, Holding,
      CEO: Reto Hofstetter

    • Leuchter Management Services AG

      Shareholders: Monika Brun, Holding,
      CEO: Monika Brun

    • frenz! Digital Marketing GmbH

      Shareholders: Sabine Haidan, Erik Munder, Holding
      CEO: Sabine Haidan
      Zur Website

    • bee365 ag

      Sharehoders: Tobias Maestrini, Leuchter IT Infrastructure Solutions AG, Leuchter Software Engineering AG, SmartIT Services, first frame networkers ag, Tobias Maestrini
      CEO: Tobias Maestrini
      Zur Website

    • bee Dynamics ag

      Shareholders: Leuchter IT Infrastructure Solutions AG, Leuchter Software Engineering AG, Smart IT Services AG, first frame networkers ag, OCOM AG, Thomas Hartmann
      CEO: Thomas Hartmann
      Zur Website

    • Parato AG

      Shareholders: Leuchter IT Infrastructure Solutions AG, Leuchter Software Engineering AG, Leuchter Business Software Solutions AG, bee365 ag, Team-Factory, LEANmade, edux, Koelliker Papermanagement, etc.
      Zur Website

Persönliche Beratung

Daniel Jäggli ist Verwaltungsratspräsident der Leuchter IT Solutions Holding und somit Ihr Ansprechpartner für alle übergeordneten Anliegen der Leuchter Tochterunternehmen. Zudem ist er seit mehr als 40 Jahren in der IT eine Koryphäe und in diversen Vorständen von lokalen und nationalen IT-Verbänden vertreten.

Zum Kontaktformular
Daniel Jäggli

Daniel Jäggli
Vorsitzender des Verwaltungsrates