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Nextron Systems

Nextron Systems GmbH is a company specialising in cyber security. Their research focuses on backdoors, hack tools, obfuscated scripts, web shells and attacker activities that are not detected by traditional antivirus and EDR solutions. 

Their scanner solution, THOR, automates compromise assessments and removes the need for tedious work. THOR uses thousands of patterns, YARA and Sigma rules to prepare forensic images and highlight suspicious elements. THOR significantly speeds up the analysis process, uncovers malicious activity earlier, saves time and money, and allows forensic analysts to focus on the important work.


Unparalleled flexibility, transparency and control

Nextron Systems' solutions provide unmatched flexibility, visibility and control over the security environment.  They can be used as a standalone scanner, on thousands of end systems controlled by an ASGARD management centre, or as a web service in the form of THOR Thunderstorm collected from legacy or exotic operating systems. Their scanners and agents run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS and some IBM AIX variants. However, the collectors for THOR Thunderstorm run on any operating system. They can scan live systems, hard disk images or specific forensic evidence such as EVTX files, memory dumps or registry hives. 

Your solutions provide optimal coverage to meet all cyber security needs. Your customers trust you because you focus on the essentials and help them detect malicious activity faster and more reliably.

Convincing reasons to choose Nextron Systems

Impressive recognition rate

With THOR, Nextron offers an impressive detection rate that is appreciated by threat hunters around the world. Thousands of generic signatures detect anomalies, obfuscation techniques and suspicious characteristics to speed up compromise assessment.

Unsurpassed flexibility

Nextron offers unmatched flexibility with its scanners, which can be fully managed with the ASGARD platform or used as standalone scanners for live forensics, image scanning or to monitor a specific folder. Users can easily add their own indicators and signatures from threat feeds they have subscribed to.

Transregional Trust

Nextron is a German-based company and all their solutions can be used on your premises. The scanners work completely offline. The company enjoys great trust from customers in the form of government agencies, NGOs and private companies.

Personal consultation

A team of various professionals will take care of your inquiries concerning the topics IT infrastructure, organisation, communication and co-operation in the modern business world. Please consign your questions and messages to our team. A proven expert in these topics will contact you.
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