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Leuchter CLOUD IaaS Solution

Using cloud services, ICT services can be purchased as required, at low initial costs and even tailored to meet specific needs. ICT like getting power from the socket is already reality. ICT services from the cloud eliminate high recurring investment costs (step costs). Therefore, costs can be planned and budgeted over the duration of the service use. The resources made available are flexible. This means that you can scale up or down as required. After the actual use, you will be charged just for the consumed cloud services: fair billing based on the consumed services.

All ICT services work in a modular system and can be selected individually or combined and integrated into the existing IT architecture.

Leuchter CLOUD offers all the advantages of a cloud, but with the added benefit that everything comes from a single source. The components of Leuchter CLOUD are operating in two separate data centres in Central Switzerland. Leuchter CLOUD is a hybrid cloud solution assuring security like in a private cloud while being as flexible as a public cloud. Individual services (Software as a Service) can be obtained, or an existing IT architecture can be completely mapped on Leuchter CLOUD.

Leuchter IT Infrastructure Solutions AG is a Direct (1-Tier) CSP und SPLA Provider, officially authorized by Microsoft as well as a Qualified Multitenant Hoster (QMTH).

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