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Leuchter Culture

our values - our vision - our mission


our values


Our values are the breeding ground for our actions. They are positive characteristics and qualities that characterise us and each individual. Our action strategies and work results grow out of our values. They provide orientation and help us to think and create. Values serve us as:

Compass_Decision support

our vision


«Innovate IT together»


is what we all radiate and aspire to, a feeling we convey to each other and to our customers and partners. Joint innovation is the top priority, but variations with Enjoy, Play, Create or Build IT together are further statements.

our mission

We align our daily actions with the mission. It helps us set priorities and make decisions.
The guiding principles of the mission substantiate our work.

We are open-minded, agile and reliable.

We are honest, transparent, authentic and down-to-earth

We understand our customers' needs, listen carefully and look conscientiously.

We ensure security in the operation of
IT infrastructures and ensure that investments pay off.

Wir setzen auf Technologien der Marktleader.

We invest above average in our employees, in training and further education.

We ensure internal know-how transfer.

We are committed to charitable and ecological causes - for the sake of the future.

We pull together, create the necessary structures and the right corporate climate.

We build on synergies instead of going it alone.

We grow together and healthy.

We are a strong brand that stands for quality in all areas.

Personal consultation

Daniel Jäggli is Chairman of Leuchter IT Solutions Holding and therefore your contact for all primary objectives of the Leuchter subsidiaries. In addition, he has been an expert in IT for 40 years and been represented in various boards of local and national IT associations.

Daniel Jäggli

Daniel Jäggli
Chairman of the Board of Directors