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Background Check and Screening

Check business relationships and applicants in advance


Hiring new employees or entering into new business relationships always involves potential risks. To minimize such risks, companies use background checks, pre-employment checks or background screenings. Information is obtained by means of in-depth searches for information in public (e.g. commercial register, Internet) and non-public sources (e.g. providers of compliance databases) as well as in the environment (e.g. social media). This information is checked for truthfulness, completeness and stringency and summarized in a confidential report.

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When does a background check make sense?

Background checks are important screening elements and bases for decision-making when establishing business relationships or can be used as a supplementary recruiting tool. They protect companies and private individuals from possible damage.

A background check is useful for the following situations:


You want to check the background of your applicant or future leader.

You want to know more about the past and possible risks of your future business relationship.

You need certainty about which information is verifiable and to what extent the result is decisive and sustainable for your further action.

You want to live up to your responsibilities as a leader: «Know your client, employee, supplier, vendor.»

You would like recommendations on how to proceed with ongoing recruitment or collaboration with a company.

You want certainty at an early stage about the risks and damage you can prevent in the areas of reputation and finances.

Background check in three stages

In cooperation with Swiss Business Protection, we offer a 3-step model of background checks.

  • Level 1


    • Check business / application documents for inconsistencies and gaps
    • Verify commercial register entries and presence in public media
    • Research in compliance databases
    • Analyze existing presences in social media
  • Level 2


    • Consult other public sources
    • Analyze all documents as well as information in depth and verify with social networks
  • Level 3


    • Obtain information on site
    • Interviews / direct contacts

When it comes to economic security, we rely on important partners

The background check is carried out at all available levels by Swiss Business Protection AG. Chris Eckert and his team are experienced in dealing with efficient protection in business and specialists in innovation. They think the decisive step ahead and implement it together with you in a timely manner.

We will be happy to answer your questions about the background check.

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