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Secure Mail: Sign and encrypt Emails digitally

Secure and confidential transmission of encrypted emails has been possible for years. Yet, many institutions struggle with it. The reason is usually the extensive and complex purchase and the specific pre-configuration at the recipient Leuchter Secure Mail Service ensures the complete set-up, maintenance and update of the software.

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Your Mails stay protected against prying Eyes

Leuchter Secure Mail encrypts emails transparently and without extensive configuration at the user’s workplace. A patented web front-end allows to open an encrypted email by the recipient, regardless of whether his computer is prepared for the decryption of email messages or not. Throughout the transmission, your message remains confidential, so it can not be viewed by third parties. The authentication on the web front-end even meets the high security requirements of two-factor authentication.


Signing Emails means Sender guaranteed

Not only the content remains protected by Leuchter Secure Mail Service, but also the sender. Before sending, the email will get a confirmation of authenticity, which guarantees that the information comes exclusively from the specified sender and no subsequent changes can be made. Signed messages are marked in Outlook or another mail programme with a red seal, the certificate of the certification authority SwissSign.

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How to digitally sign and encrypt your Emails

Every customer of Leuchter Secure Mail Services will send his emails via a secure line to a secure mail gateway in the Leuchter CLOUD. If a marking is made by the sender, the emails are encrypted and/ or signed, then sent to the addressee. If the recipient is able to receive an encrypted email via SMIME protocol, the mail is transmitted via SMIME. If the recipient is not SMIME-compatible, the mail gateway provides the message in a secure webmail. In this way, the email can be opened on any browser and with any terminal.

For the implementation of the service, Leuchter relies on SEPPmail Secure EMail Gateways. The award-winning SEPPmail technology automatically encrypts and decrypts all emails according to certain rules. In addition, for decryption the mail recipient requires nothing more than a common email programme or a browser.


Using Leuchter Secure Mail Service

Leuchter Secure Mail Service can be obtained either from Leuchter CLOUD or may be integrated into the local infrastructure. It can also be combined with the Leuchter Antispam Service or be part of a Leuchter Service Level Agreement.

How Secure Mail Service works

In this presentation, you will learn more about the benefits and uses of email encryption.

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