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Leuchter CLOUD Desktop

High installation and operating costs while providing a Client including complex software solutions are now a thing of the past. Leuchter CLOUD Desktop as a Service not only provides the Modern Workplace as a service for each of your employees, but also ensures optimal operation and high availability thanks to optimal maintenance. All this is cost-effective in a rental model, so that your employees can access their individual workplace from any location and any device.

Remote Work says hello!

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What does Leuchter CLOUD Desktop include as a VDI?

The virtual desktop in the Leuchter CLOUD is based on innovative VDI desktop technology, optionally with virtual GPU from NVIDIA, which is provided on the Leuchter CLOUD IT infrastructure. As a "Managed Service", operation and security are the responsibility of certified specialists from Leuchter IT Solutions and leading technology partners. In addition, you will find all office applications, various utilities and user storage on your personal desktop. Mail service is provided as an option.
We regularly perform version upgrades and monitor functionality with 24/7 automated monitoring. Support services can be added via Leuchter IT Operations according to your needs. So your desktop is always ready to go when you are!

The best user experience meets the best service!


Personnel VDI

Personal desktop with dedicated computing power

Windows 10 Enterprise

Optimal graphical user interface and increased application compatibility


Increased graphics performance

Individual extensions

  • Do you use special software solutions in your company?
  • Would your employees like to be able to access individual printer settings?
  • Do you work with multimedia integrations?
  • Are there special configurations?

No problem! Leuchter CLOUD Desktop as a Service may individually be extended according to your needs.

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Leuchter Cloud Desktop Erweiterung

Optional: Powerful graphics from NVIDIA for CAD visualizations.

Optionally accelerate any workload with NVIDIA vGPU technology to enhance the user experience for graphics-intensive design, video, and CAD applications.

Flexible and combinable with other Managed Services


Leuchter CLOUD Desktop as a Service as a modern workplace solution offers you the chance to implement current IT strategies, such as sourcing, mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), etc., to push the digitalization of your company.

In addition, the Managed Service serves as basic equipment and can be expanded with various other services as needed:

All-round carefree package:

The virtual desktop from Leuchter CLOUD.

All services are scalable and flexibly available through a cost-efficient rental model. This gives you predictable and linear costs as well as minimazing high one-off investment costs as a risk in the IT budget.

All pricing models include:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Leuchter CLOUD Antivirus
  • Google Chrome, Edge Chromium, Adobe Acrobat Reader, 7-Zip, Greenshot, Notepad++
  • Office Suite optional
  • Business Apps optional
  • Email optional
  • Data: 100GB for corporate data
  • Distribution via Leuchter CLOUD Software Verteilung
  • Access via Leuchter CLOUD Remote Work Access with MFA
  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • 100Mbps, best effort
  • Network unlimited
  • Microsoft Windows Server as Domain Controller 2vCores, 8GB vRAM, 50GB vStorage (nur OS)
  • Citrix ADC (NetScaler), StoreFront, Studio, Director, License Server, Delivery Controller
  • daily backups (30 days)
  • Updates and version upgrade
  • Task Worker

    Target group: Outlook

    • Computing power: 2v Cores
    • Working memory: 6GB
    • Profile memory: 30GB
    • Image resolution: 2k
  • Office Worker

    Target group: Office Suite

    • Computing power: 2v Cores
    • Working memory: 8 GB
    • Profile memory: 30GB
    • Image resolution: 4k
    • Graphics performance: 1GB
  • Power Worker

    Target Group: Adobe

    • Computing power: 2v Cores
    • Working memory: 12 GB
    • Profile memory: 30GB
    • Image resolution: 4k
    • Graphics performance: 2GB
  • CAD Worker

    Taget group: CAD, Photoshop

    • Computing power: 2v Cores
    • Working memory: 16 GB
    • Profile memory: 30GB
    • Image resolution: 4k
    • Graphics performance: 4GB

Leuchter IT Operations

Secure optimal support services

Available SLAs per user:

  • Basic

    On-call hours:

    Mon-Fri 8am-5pm


    Mo-So 24/7

    Response time:

    best effort


    According to effort





  • Advanced

    On-call hours

    Mno-Fri 7am-19pm


    Mo-So 24/7

    Response time:



    According to effort




  • Premium

    On-call hours

    Mon-Fri 7am-19pm


    Mo-So 24/7

    Response time:








Advantages of the Managed Service operating model

In the past, it was only possible for larger companies to purchase standardized services that were largely automated and could therefore be scaled as required. Today, Managed Services are also an attractive opportunity for smaller companies and start-ups to access applications via the Internet and place the entire management, including data backup, in professional hands. Billing is based on users and consumption, so that calculations can be made in a transparent manner and with no surprises. Availability is excellent and data storage in Switzerland is also secure.

Summarized the advantages at a glance:

Transparent costs for clearly defined services
High scalability through dynamic resources
Data stored in Swiss data centers
99.99% availability
High IT security through certified specialists
Use of the latest technologies
Responsibility & risk borne by the IT service provider

Leuchter CLOUD Desktop for Hospitality

In every industry, different requirements are placed on the provision and equipment of the Client. Since we can already count several hotel and gastronomy businesses among our customers, we have put together our own service especially for the hospitality industry.

More about Leuchter CLOUD Desktop for Hospitality