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SpamGuard: Protection against Spam, Virus and Phishing Mails

Protect yourself against undesired advertising mails, spam and phishing emails with SpamGuard, Leuchter’s Antispam and Antivirus Service. On average, 70% of inbound emails flood inboxes unnecessarily. Using the spam and virus protection service, emails are first redirected to the mail gateway in the Leuchter CLOUD, where all incoming mails are checked and securely forwarded to the mail server only if they are legitimate. The own IT infrastructure is relieved, because only the “essence” of the mail traffic is delivered to the inbox.

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SpamGuard - Cloud Services

Disconnect unwanted Spam Emails from desired Messages

Spam emails are unwanted messages that are delivered electronically to a large number of recipients. In principle, they differ in content and can cause considerable damage. First and foremost, reading and sorting out spam costs every mail account holder valuable working time. Furthermore, the processing of spam emails can lead to a failure. In addition to the spam messages such as phishing or virus emails, it may however happen that commercial mass emails are desired. This is the case, for example, when the recipient has actively signed up for an advertising newsletter. Using Leuchter Antispam and Antivirus Service, these desired emails are nevertheless delivered, because FortiGuard remembers special instructions of the user.

Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing means fake emails aiming to gain access to a user’s personal data. The purpose of this fraud is to harm people misusing the received data. Often, it is specifically about account plundering. A phishing attack usually takes place first through a personal, official-looking email with the aim of luring the recipient to a fraudulent website. This fraudulent website usually looks deceptively real and prompts the person to give away her or his account credentials on a pretext. Leuchter Antispam and Antivirus Service uses FortiGuard to detect any phishing attack by means of sender identification and to ensure that it is in no way delivered to users.

Emails contaminated with Viruses or Trojans

Virus-infected emails account for most of the dangerous spam attacks. Emails are provided with malicious file attachments. When opening in the message these file attachments or links to malicious websites, the computer will be infected by a virus or Trojan. Basically, you should never open emails of unknown origin or unknown content. Leuchter Antispam and Antivirus Service detects emails contaminated with viruses or Trojans and eliminates them before delivery.

Spam Filtering is done before the Inbox

To protect the inbox, Leuchter Antispam and Antivirus Service relies on Fortinet’s global, dynamic reputation database. This allows reliable filtering of new and known spam sources. The integrated virus scanner eliminates the incoming mails with harmful content. Viruses are also detected in PDFs, images or ZIPs and reliably removed. In addition, the contents of the mails need not be analysed in depth, because the reputation database detects unwanted emails already based on sender identification. Email content therefore remains confidential and protected. Through outgoing inspection, Leuchter Antispam and Antivirus Service memorises the trusted recipients. Their answer will thus never get stuck in the spam filter. Doubtful mails are quarantined. The user can decide for himself which emails should nevertheless be delivered.

Easy, powerful and cost-efficient with Fortinet


The lean cloud concept of Leuchter Antispam and Antivirus Service will adapt the mail routing to the mail domain. There is no complicated installation work on site. Maintenance and support costs are included in the service. Leuchter relies on a quality product from Fortinet for the implementation of the service. FortiGuard is stable, low-maintenance and cost-effective. Leuchter Antispam and Antivirus Service can also be placed in your own IT environment or combined with Microsoft Office 365.

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