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IaaS Backup

System crashes or malware can affect the operation of the IT infrastructure. If no regular backup is made, companies often lose their entire data. Constant data and system backups are therefore imperative, especially since all electronically stored information in the business environment are of immense value. If no backup is available, data rescue or data recovery is extremely time-consuming, expensive and may even not be possible at all.

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Better safe than sorry.

Backup means creating copies of data on an external system or storage medium. In order to protect data against all risks, the archiving period and its durability should be checked when selecting the medium. Furthermore, it must be ensured that the data backup takes place regularly and that the backup is actually checked. Often the insertion of the backup tape is forgotten, or the backup process just does not work. If this remains unnoticed, in case of failure at the latest, a nasty surprise will be waiting.

On the basis of the points mentioned above, the backup of the IT infrastructures, operated by Leuchter in the Cloud, is an integral part and includes the backup of all these servers and data. With Veeam Backup & Replication, we rely on a product that is widely used and recognised in the market, and therefore meeting the highest demands in terms of data security and recoverability.

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