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Leuchter CLOUD IaaS vServer

Virtual servers (vServers) are the foundation for Cloud Computing Technology. With Leuchter CLOUD IaaS vServer we provide the appropriate infrastructure for computing power, storage space and network according to specific configuration.

When purchasing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Solutions, the virtual servers (vServer) are an important and central part. They provide the computing power, storage space and network. In Leuchter CLOUD a highly available virtualisation stack is operated. A completely redundant firewall, storage and network architecture provides high availability, professionalism and scalability. According to needs, the already offered redundancy can be expanded into geo-redundancy.


Customized to you

As a performance indicator, a virtual server (vServer, vInstanz, OSV, VM, etc.) is always used in a cloud deployment. This vServer can be individually dimensioned according to customer request or following our recommendations. The parameters here are:

  • vCore Processor cores
  • vRAM Memory
  • vStorage Corporate data

Once the desired virtual instances have been made available, the customer is free to manage the infrastructure himself or to outsource it to Leuchter IT Operations.

Personal consultation

A team of various professionals will take care of your inquiries concerning the topics IT infrastructure, organisation, communication and co-operation in the modern business world. Please consign your questions and messages to our team. A proven expert in these topics will contact you.
We look forward to your inquiry!

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Team IT-Infrastruktur

Team IT-Infrastruktur