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WLAN - Planning and site survey

The basis for a successful business

Nowadays, good WLAN coverage in the company is no longer enough. The office has become more digital and poses completely different challenges for technology and availability: new workplace concepts, smart buildings, numerous end devices, IoT, video conferences or guest access require the highest performance and stability. At the same time, the WLAN network must be easy to configure and just as expandable.

The solution: Leuchter WLAN Services

We ensure that your WLAN network offers maximum performance throughout the entire enterprise. For this purpose, a WLAN assessment (site survey) or simulation is carried out to determine the optimal number of access points and their positioning.

In addition, important information is obtained for configuring the WLAN infrastructure. A visual representation in the form of heat maps and radiation limits also helps to identify potential problem zones even before installation. Thanks to our partner Ekahau, we also have the latest and most innovative tools for site surveying.

Of course, after the WLAN installation, a test takes place to measure and optimize the stability and performance of the network.

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Your benefits with Leuchter WLAN Services

High-performance network infrastructure for data, VoIP, video, chat, and more.
Secure and stable WLAN connections - also for BYOD and guests
Easy management and analysis thanks to central WLAN management
Higher data rates and more stability with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
Seamless coverage throughout the enterprise
Easy expansion of existing WLAN infrastructures
Parallel operation of multiple clients
Secure WLAN access for all devices and users
Better service and more customer loyalty thanks to guest WLAN

Our WLAN services

Prediction of range and performance of the WLAN infrastructure

Site survey and simulation of the environment incl. underlying building plans (CAD, PDF, etc.)

Detailed WLAN audit to assess and optimize existing WLAN infrastructures

Installation and commissioning

Planning, on-site analysis, results report and recommendations

Detailed measurement reports and identified problem areas as well as configuration recommendations

WLAN simulations for new buildings

Analysis of the WLAN components already installed (compatibility, bandwidth, waste heat, etc.)

Determination of reflection, absorption, signal noise, attenuation as well as overlapping WLAN installations

Determination of location, number and type of access points (APs)

Post-measurement and optimization of the WLAN infrastructure after installation


WLAN as a Service - with WLAN monitoring, automatic security updates, maintenance and lifecycle management

WLAN - Quality makes the difference

More and more end devices in the company are connecting to the WLAN in order to communicate via it. This includes laptops, PCs, tablets, printers, smartphones, digital assistants, smart buildings, and even machines and tools. For this reason, a high-performance WLAN infrastructure is needed that can grow with the requirements. 

For this reason, we rely on Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) right from the start to be able to offer you the greatest possible performance.

Planning of new WLAN infrastructures

How many end devices are to be connected to the WLAN? Which applications use WLAN? Which areas in the building need to be covered?
There are many questions that need to be considered before planning a WLAN infrastructure. Although the main focus is on communications and the building, other aspects such as corporate strategy also come into play. Perhaps you want to transform your company into a smart building in the future? Or are you already planning to create new workspaces? For this reason, it is important to take future requirements into account now.

When planning on the basis of your provided building plans, we also add further information, such as access points, building materials, expected signal strengths, data rate or overlapping WLAN networks. We then verify the passive and active site surveys on site. 

Finally, the collected information and findings are summarized in a report with our recommendations for you. This results report contains the simulated WLAN coverage. You can see immediately whether the estimated access points are sufficient or whether improvements need to be made.


On-site measurement or WLAN simulation

For new WLAN infrastructures, we always recommend an on-site site survey or WLAN simulation. Using software and appropriate hardware such as access points and laptops, the premises can be realistically measured and WLAN usage simulated. 

Best of all, we rely on our long-standing partner Ekahau. The manufacturer takes your WLAN requirements into account and combines them with real environmental factors such as the floor plan and wall materials. In this way, a WLAN infrastructure perfectly tailored to your needs can be created.


Analysis and optimization of your existing WLAN infrastructure

Most companies already have a WLAN infrastructure that has grown over time. But poorly placed access points, spatial changes, non-optimal transmission settings or incorrect security settings mean that urgent improvements are needed. 

Thanks to our WLAN audits, site surveys or simulations of your WLAN network, we can create a detailed concept of what your future WLAN infrastructure should look like. This can also take into account possible scenarios, such as a higher network load due to more employees.

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WLAN as a Service - we make sure everything is up and running


Do you need an IT partner who is always at your side and ensures that your WLAN network runs smoothly? 

With WLAN as a Service from Leuchter, you no longer have to worry about anything. 
We guarantee you a secure and flawlessly functioning WLAN connection in your office, practice or restaurant, etc.

Best of all, our experienced IT specialists monitor and control your access points. If necessary or in case of malfunctions, software updates are automatically installed or the configuration is adjusted. This means you always have a perfectly functioning WLAN network.

Personal consultation

A team of various professionals will take care of your inquiries concerning the topics IT infrastructure, organisation, communication and co-operation in the modern business world. Please consign your questions and messages to our team. A proven expert in these topics will contact you.
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