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RemoteDesktop Service rules Access to all IT Applications

Today, we enjoy virtually unlimited mobility, due to new generations of devices such as smartphones, tablets and similar. With the new mobile workstyle, employees’ expectations have arisen to access data and programmes from anywhere, at any time, with any device. Companies face the challenge of ensuring access to all applications as needed, and of developing an intelligent Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) management strategy.

This is not only the employees’ wish, the management as well is interested in. Because it has already been proven that mobile workplaces increase employee productivity and promote collaboration. There is a great deal of pressure on in-house IT, as it faces the challenge of ensuring secure access to company data and programmes across all locations via Internet, while providing granular, secure access to individual resources.

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Usage Habits and Requirements are decisive for choosing Terminal Server or VDI

A good solution not only addresses these issues, but also reduces the risk of data loss and minimises the cost and complexity of application management. RemoteDesktop Service of Leuchter IT Solutions AG offers the choice between access control via Terminal Server or VDI. To make the right decision for your company, you need to consider corporate infrastructure, business needs, and IT goals, best together with our experts.

Using the Terminal Server for saving costs on the Clients

With the Terminal Server, the applications reside on a server and do not need to be installed on users’ local computers. On the one hand, users no longer need cost-intensive end devices because cost-effective and low-maintenance ThinClients can be used to exhaust saving potential. On the other hand, multiple users share the resources of a powerful server operating system. If new employees are joining, the resources of the terminal server can be extended, or a new server can be added to the network.

Low acquisition costs and a manageable administrative effort thus confirm the advantages of this system. The terminal server environment also scores points in terms of licensing. Only one additional access license is required. The disadvantage lies in the delimitation of resources, because the users are dependent on the other users. With the help of a sophisticated Monitoring, however, complications can be prevented, so that for each user, regardless of the other users, the required performance is available. Leuchter RemoteDesktop Service realises the Terminal Server environment using Citrix XenApp or Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host.

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VDI ensures Stability and Integrity of the Desktop

With VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) every user has a virtual (VMware/ hyperV) or physical (HP Moonshot/ Nvidia Grid) desktop including operating system and all applications. Mobile access is made via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or ICA (Independent Computing Architecture). By means of VDI, dedicated resources are available to the user for CPU-intensive applications inside the individual virtual machine. These do not affect the stability and integrity of the desktops. Especially developers and users of several operating systems prefer VDI because it is easy to create more virtual machines with any chosen operating system. In addition, graphic artists and designers like to work with VDI, since virtualisation enables optimal collaboration with CAD programmes. Compared to the Terminal Server system, VDI’s disadvantage are higher acquisition and licensing costs. For each virtual desktop, licenses must be scheduled for a full-fledged operating system. While the server-side may incur the cost of purchasing the software needed to build and manage the virtual machine, our license rental model from Leuchter CLOUD, with Service Provider Licenses, delivers solutions to every need. The entire administration becomes more extensive and complex as the number of users increases. This is no longer your concern with outsourcing the service. With Leuchter RemoteDesktop Service, VDI is realised using Citrix XenDesktop or Microsoft VDI for a rental price per month.

Microsoft or Citrix? Needs decide on Product Choice

  • Terminal Server

    • Windows Server 2008/2012/2016
    • shared resources (CPU/RAM)
    • lower cost
    • rather worse, because shared
    • equal access
  • VDI

    • Windows 7/8/10
    • dedicated resources (CPU/RAM)
    • higher cost
    • top performance, because dedicated
    • equal access

Last but not least, the question arises which products better fit the needs of the company. With Leuchter RemoteDesktop Service (RDS) you may choose between the products of Microsoft and Citrix. Although you can already cover many needs with Microsoft products, Citrix allows to combine and expand various products, as shows our table below. This enables a more comprehensive coverage of all applications. With the combination of XenApp and XenDesktop, a wider range of applications can be published from one central access point. For example, the Microsoft Office palette can be deployed on a terminal server while simultaneously publishing a single, hardware-dependent special application on a Windows PC. The user will not be aware of where the application is coming from.

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