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Backup Microsoft 365 within Leuchter CLOUD

With Microsoft 365, Microsoft provides end users with an infinite number of services with an ever-increasing amount of storage space. This leads to a rapid increase in the amount of data in companies. Keeping control is difficult. Supported by Backup Microsoft 365, Leuchter IT Solutions AG has developed a concept that makes it easy to access your own data at any time and, most importantly, securely.

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Microsoft 365 – Collaboration in the Cloud

Whether at the workplace or on the move – with Microsoft 365 Microsoft offers the familiar Microsoft applications always close at hand and highly available. With Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, as well as OneDrive, Microsoft 365 customers benefit from professional and powerful communication tools without having to provide the complex infrastructure themselves. More and more companies realize the potential of this offering and use the services of Microsoft Microsoft 365 to outsource into the cloud some business-critical applications, especially those placing high demands on the IT infrastructure. Nevertheless, with all the benefits of cloud service, many companies are not aware of the fact that Microsoft is not providing any backup for Microsoft 365.

Integrate Microsoft 365 into your Backup Concept

In the world of public cloud services, the terms availability and recoverability are often confused!

Backup concepts are a matter of course for on premises systems. However, outsourcing services to the public cloud often leads to the misunderstanding that they no longer have to be considered in the backup concept because they are secured in an SLA with high availability.

Thereby, it must be understood that by definition, availability is guaranteed when the services of a system are operating. In terms of Exchange Online, this would mean that a system is considered available as long as you can send and receive emails. But this does not mean that the recoverability is also guaranteed.

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Integrate Microsoft 365 into your Backup Concept

If, for example, a service such as Exchange Online is outsourced to the public cloud without a backup included, various risks are no longer secured because Microsoft does not provide backup for Microsoft 365. The data can not be restored in the following scenarios:

  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Data loss as a result of targeted sabotage
  • Corrupt data that can not be read any more
  • Data falling victim to malware (for example, encryption by ransomware)
  • Data loss due to synchronization problems
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Leuchter CLOUD Office 365 Backup Grafik

Check your Backup Concept

Of course, with an in-house backup process, Microsoft ensures that in case of complete data loss across Microsoft 365, service and data will be restored. But as a customer you don’t have any influence on the recovery process. So, it might be conceivable that after a loss of Share Point Online, the service is relatively quickly available again, but the recovery process of the data may take days or even weeks.

Moreover, there is a risk that Microsoft can not recover all data. If after a failure 98% of the data can be recovered, that would mean that across 10 million customers 200’000 of them would lose their data.

Data Backup in Switzerland

Your data will be stored in the Leuchter CLOUD in a state-of-the-art data centre in Central Switzerland. The entire cloud IT infrastructure and hardware are continuously updated to the latest technology and regularly maintained by our system engineers. Your data repository is on an isolated shared platform, thus being isolated from other customers and in no way visible. On request, the backup can also be stored on a dedicated infrastructure or cloud storage.

  • Backup Microsoft 365 within Leuchter CLOUD/Microsoft Azure

    Exchange Online + SharePoint +

    OneDrive + Teams

    Prices on offer

    • Licensing per mailbox
    • CHF 49.00 Basic price per company per month
    • CHF 3.00 Price per mailbox per month
    • CHF 0.20 Price per storage amount (GB) per month
    • One-off setup costs CHF 500.00

With Backup for Microsoft 365, you will back up your data in the Leuchter CLOUD

Leuchter CLOUD Backup Service for Microsoft  365 closes the gap for you and creates a backup in your own specific backup cycle in our Leuchter CLOUD. If a system failure occurs, your data can be easily and simply restored out of Leuchter CLOUD.

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