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Backup Service for trouble-free Backup

Backing up your data in a backup as a service can be done both on-premises and online.
You can use these backup variants both standalone and in combination.

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Successful, regular and secure Backup as a Service (on premises)

With the Backup Service (on premises) of Leuchter IT Solutions AG we provide you the option to tailor data backups perfectly to your needs. Together with you, we analyse your local infrastructure and create a data protection concept based on the requirements resulting from the relevant recovery times. Consistent adherence to the data protection concept and constant monitoring of the data backup ensure the perfect backup of your local infrastructure.

The selection of storage media is based on the requirements of the data protection concept and guarantees the shortest possible recovery times as well as compliance with all legal requirements in relation to retention periods of business data. As a rule, the backups (On Premises) are exported to a backup tape.

These backup tapes should not be kept in the same location as the productive systems so that backup data are still available in case of elementary events such as water damage or fire. Using the backup service (on premises), as a customer your only responsibility will be to keep the backup tapes in a safe place.


Back up your Data online with Cloud Backup

Keeping backup tapes constantly, securely, and physically separate from the productive system is not easy. Business-critical data must always be protected against theft and elemental damage. To this end, only bank deposit boxes or safes protected against elementary damage are worth considering. In addition, the recurring tape cycle is time-consuming and prone to error. With Leuchter Online Backup, we take on this task for you. Based on Veeam Cloud Connect, you store your backup data into the Leuchter CLOUD via Internet connection.


Save time and reduce hardware and storage costs

Through Veeam Backup & Replication, a backup is made on site on a local disk or storage (backup-to-disk). This backup will be encrypted and transferred to a Veeam Cloud Connect repository in the Leuchter CLOUD at specific intervals defined by the customer. The hosting of the data is therefore also in the Leuchter CLOUD , as long as you wish. In addition to encrypted data transmission, the backup can even be stored in encrypted form in the Leuchter CLOUD. As a result, only the customer can view the data. In case of a system failure, the data can be restored from Leuchter CLOUD using the Veeam Backup Console in the company’s local infrastructure.

Thanks to Leuchter Online Backup you will save a lot of time and reduce your hardware and storage costs by eliminating the need for tapes, tape drives and storage facilities.

Data Backup in Switzerland

Your data will be stored in the Leuchter CLOUD in a state-of-the-art data centre in Central Switzerland. The entire cloud IT infrastructure and hardware are continuously updated to the latest technology and regularly maintained by our system engineers. Your data repository being on an isolated shared platform, it is therefore isolated from other customers and in no way visible. On request, the backup can also be stored on a dedicated infrastructure.

You decide whether the entire backup is managed by Leuchter IT Solutions AG (managed backup) or you are provided with a repository being managed by your own IT department (unmanaged backup). The backup can either be combined with other Leuchter CLOUD Services or be part of Leuchter IT Operations in a global package


Managed or unmanaged Backup can be combined with other Services

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