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HP Moonshot - the innovative Server Solution

HP Moonshot offers all the benefits of centralised IT in the data centre with the power of a desktop PC. In the data centre, 180 users run on 45 so-called cartridges. Each cartridge houses 4 separate PCs. Each user has a completely independent PC not sharing any resources with other PCs in the system. Access is made through a website or a software which is running on all common devices (PC/ MAC/ tablets/ smartphone).

HP-Moonshot-Server 600 x 300 px

Compared to traditional servers, up to:


less power consumption


less space requirements


less cabling

How does HP Moonshot fit into your IT landscape?

When designing a client solution, users should be categorised according to their needs, because not every user has the same job requirements.

IT Landschaft mit HP Moonshot

Depending on the task, low cost, simpler systems such as VDI are sufficient. The so-called task worker or knowledge worker needs additional resources. For the power user or workstation class user, HP Moonshot comes into play, as the more demanding users usually need higher graphics performance. It can not be denied that the trend is progressing, so that in the future even so-called task workers will need a higher multimedia performance.

With HP Moonshot, serving the five user groups would work as follows:

HP Moonshot Übersicht Benutzergruppen

Benefits of a Hosted Desktop Solution for Classic Client Server Design

Uniform user experience

Hosted Desktop gives users a consistent experience, whether they are working at home on their PC, at a workstation at work or on the move via their laptop or tablet. They always have the same surface. This means they have the same icons on the desktop, the same favourites in the browser, the same drives and printers. Of course, your employees can optionally direct print outs to a private printer at home if they wish.

Data Security guaranteed

Since the data is all stored on a computer in the company data centre, the users do not need to copy data to the dropbox in order to access it on the go or from home. Each company determines whether it should be possible to copy the data from the virtual desktop to the local environment.

Home Office or innovative workplace concepts

For many employees it is a great advantage to work at home from time to time. With a Hosted Desktop Solution, your employees are provided with a secure, easy-to-use option that makes home office work easy. Users simply log on to a web portal and have the same interface as at the workplace in the office. This is the basis for new innovative workplace concepts that help to increase productivity while supporting the work-life balance of employees.

Reduction of IT complexity

Using a Hosted Desktop infrastructure needs less IT resources. The tedious software packetising via System Centre is no longer required. Instead, it works with images that may be customised by hand. Software and update are installed on a master image, and with one click the hosted desktops will start from this adapted version.

Your options for getting started with Hosted Desktop Solutions

  • Try it yourself: You get access to a demo platform
  • POC on site: You will receive a Moonshot Appliance to carry out your own on-site testing. You will be supported by our competent system engineers.
  • Leuchter CLOUD
    Are you envisaging the outsourcing of a part of your IT to the cloud? Do the big players in the industry seem not to be tangible to you? With Leuchter CLOUD, your data or your hosted desktops will be stored in Central Switzerland, in our highly available data centre.
  • Assessment: Is it difficult for you to assess the needs of your users? We will help you to find out whether a Hosted Desktop Solution makes sense for your company or a VDI/ Terminal Server solution is sufficient.

Contact us, we will help you in implementing your POC.

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