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Using SharePoint Online as a Corporate Intranet

SharePoint Online is Microsoft’s popular SharePoint product, provided from the cloud. Many companies use SharePoint as an intranet or as a communication and collaboration solution to encourage team collaboration.


Comprehensive Application Options for SharePoint Online

In particular, SharePoint Online offers support in the following areas:


Through an intranet, it’s easy to communicate messages across the company, Notes are easily distributed, resources released, processes optimised, and employees motivated.

Team Web Pages

Working on team web pages creates a place where team content, data and news can be organised and shared. This encourages exchange within a team and ensures that all information is accessible.

Communication Web Pages

SharePoint provides the option to create appealing dynamic web pages to spread your messages across the enterprise.

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Features of SharePoint Online

In addition, SharePoint offers several feature available across the company:

Content Management

Organise and manage content in libraries and lists using metadata. records management and retention policies.

Mobile Apps

Manage any area, such as intranet, team web pages, or communication web pages using an iOS or Android app.


View all documents and content across the enterprise using Search.


Safeguard content in electronic format for evidence or legal investigation to meet the audit guidelines in your company.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Identify, monitor and protect your confidential information using the DLP features.


Automate a variety of tasks using Microsoft Flow or SharePoint workflows. For example, send an email when a new item has been added to a SharePoint list. Even new documents can be automatically moved to another directory as soon as they have been released

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