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Leuchter CLOUD Smart Host

In recent years, spam and virus mails have enormously increased. Mail server operators are forced to adopt measures to minimise the high number of unwanted messages. Emails of unknown origin are therefore rejected by the mail server and blacklisted. This process, however, can also affect desired email messages. If important information is not received by the recipient, this can have business-critical consequences for the sender. In addition, an adjustment of the status may take several days.

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Fast Reaction in case of Risk

Even without actual fault, the own mail server gets from time to time on a blacklist. If so, not a single email can be sent out of the company. The clean-up can take several days, because the blacklist provider must be contacted and requested to delete the IP address from the blacklist. This circumstance is not only annoying but can even become business-critical. Leuchter SmartHost Service has numerous clean IP addresses. Thus, in the event of a risk you will at once be assigned with a new IP address. Your employees will be able to send emails again immediately. In addition, the service ensures that only authenticated users can send emails and that the emails to be sent do not contain viruses. That means we guarantee that you will never send spam emails to your customers.

Leuchter SmartHost Service is available in three different packages, depending on the desired size and the number of emails to be sent in your company. In addition, the service can also be combined with other Leuchter CLOUD Services.


SMTP Relay Server as a digital Postman

Leuchter SmartHost Service takes care of the delivery of your emails. Similar to the mailing of letters, emails are transferred from an email account to an SMTP relay server. This server forwards the email to the destination server, which in turn securely forwards the email to the recipient. SMTP relay servers are thus digital mail carriers specialising in outgoing mails.


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A team of various professionals will take care of your inquiries concerning the topics IT infrastructure, organisation, communication and co-operation in the modern business world. Please consign your questions and messages to our team. A proven expert in these topics will contact you.
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