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Leuchter CLOUD Protel

It is the heart of every hotel - the Property Management System (PMS). Most PMS systems, like Protel (except the new Protel Air), are run on a physical or virtual server in the hotel. With the Leuchter CLOUD Protel Service you have the possibility to get the local PMS Protel from the private Leuchter CLOUD without missing any functionality (which is missing with Protel Air).

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Security and data protection

Your data is stored securely in state-of-the-art data centers in central Switzerland. In the cloud you have a much higher IT security, because the systems are always patched and up to date. Our Leuchter CLOUD is monitored around the clock with sensors and offers an availability of 99.99%.

You can therefore cover part of the so-called TOM (technical-organizational measures) and the personal data are protected from unlawful processing.

How does Leuchter CLOUD Protel work?

The on-premises application Protel usually runs on a physical or virtual application server on site. The database including all customer data and individual customizations to the application are stored on this server. With Leuchter CLOUD Protel you have the possibility to migrate your data to an application server in the Leuchter CLOUD. Through the Leuchter CLOUD Desktop for Hospitality, you then have access to all your data as usual and can operate the Protel application as usual.

The application server in the private Leuchter CLOUD is designed to run the Protel application optimally and can be expanded as needed. Your data is stored on an isolated database to which only you have access.

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Your advantages with the Protel Service

Savings on SQL licensing costs
Low risk of server failure (99.99% availability)
Transparent monthly fixed costs
No expenses for replacement hardware for the application server
Hardware and operating system always up to date
High IT security
Access from anywhere
Data storage in state-of-the-art data center in central Switzerland

Cooperation with
rebagdata AG

Thereby a PMS is most common in Switzerland. Leuchter has joined forces with rebagdata AG, the distributor of Protel hotel software in Switzerland, and created a service where the PMS system can be obtained from the Leuchter CLOUD. This is the well-known PMS system from Protel and not Protel Air, which is hosted by Protel.

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The perfect add-on to the Leuchter CLOUD Desktop for Hospitality

With Leuchter CLOUD Protel, you have the perfect add-on to Leuchter CLOUD Desktop for Hospitality. With the cloud only solution you are optimally prepared for the future.

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Personal consultation

A team of various professionals will take care of your inquiries concerning the topics IT infrastructure, organisation, communication and co-operation in the modern business world. Please consign your questions and messages to our team. A proven expert in these topics will contact you.
We look forward to your inquiry!

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