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Hotel cyber attack

How can we protect ourselves?

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more of an issue - unfortunately also in hotel businesses. What's more, it's no longer just affecting the big players in the industry. IT security is still not on the list of priorities in many hotel businesses, yet hacking attacks are on the rise. In order to be armed against them, preventive measures and concepts for emergencies are needed - also in the hotel industry!

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Webinar recording: Cyber attack in the hotel - How can we protect ourselves?

  • Explanation of various methods of cyber attacks specific to the hotel and tourism industry.
  • Facts and myths about cyber attacks
  • Current incidents in the hotel and tourism industry including explanations of procedures and concepts
  • Measures and their implementation for the prevention of cyber attacks

Cyber attack methods

In order to obtain sensitive company data and thus prepare a cyber attack, fraudsters use manipulated e-mails.

Spam mails

Phising mails


Crypto Locker Ransomware

Social Engineering

Also an issue in the hotel industry

Spam mails = Advertising mail, Malware, Phishing Mail

Phising mail: the goal is to grab username and password or install malware in the background - focus in the hotel industry: booking platforms, e-mails from international guests, CEO fraud

Trojan: disguised as a useful program in an e-mail attachment or as a download

Crypto Locker Ransomware: a type of malware that encrypts files and then uses a ransom note to deliver a key that reverses this action.

Social Engineering: people are the greatest risk to IT security. Often, employees of a company are tricked into bypassing normal security measures and disclosing sensitive data.



About the speakers

Mathias Niggli, an experienced computer specialist at Leuchter IT Solutions in the field of computer and network security, knows his way around cyber attacks. Among other things, he has filled his rucksack with experience from forensics and knowledge about investigations on cell phones and cryptocurrencies. He is already renown for his security awareness training courses. His tip: The best way to keep hackers out is through appropriate prevention measures.

Maria Hunger, originally trained as a tourism clerk, but has now changed industries. Currently, she is in training to become a business IT specialist HF.  At Leuchter she is responsible for the hospitality division. Since she knows both sides, the hotel industry and IT, she sees many opportunities for support in her work.

How can we protect ourselves?

DO NOT open attachments from unknown senders
Do not disclose information to unknown persons
No notes with passwords at work
Lock device when leaving the workplace
Secure passwords - at least 8 characters, special characters, upper & lower case.
Report security incidents immediately to IT provider/management
Provide awareness training
sensitize - sensitize - sensitize

Leuchter IT Cyber Security Awareness - Minimizing the risk of cybercrime through targeted training of employees

Leuchter IT Cyber Security Awareness Service supports companies, including those in the hotel industry, in sustainably increasing their IT security resilience. The greatest risk for cyber crime is posed by the company's own employees, because on the one hand there is often a lack of knowledge and on the other hand there is a lack of awareness of possible attacks via phishing, spam or viruses, which can be infiltrated through a wide variety of channels such as e-mail, social media, WhatsApp, or similar.

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  • Leuchter IT Cyber Security Awareness

    Raising awareness for your business with tailored solutions


    • Sending fictitious phishing spam or virus messages (process and info)
    • Targeted employee training with increasing shear rate
    • Evaluations defined by department/employees (process and info)
    • Training/procedure

Personal consultation

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